English Speaking Grade 8

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Hi, I am Sarah Scott (Sarah.scott.gr8@auksun.com), the class teacher for Grade 8. I encourage you to enroll in the English Speaking Course with your whole family. Importance of learning the English language cannot be understated – learning the English language really can change your life. English is the official language of over 50 countries and spoken by 400 million people. It is the medium to study science, arts, computers, tourism. Being proficient in the English language is key to getting ahead in life or career.

Learning the English language enables you to communicate easily with others globally. When you study English at our school, you will be making friends with people from lots of different countries, using English as your common language.

Many of the world’s top websites, films, books, and music are published and produced in the English language. Therefore, by learning English you will have access to a great wealth of entertainment and will be able to have a greater cultural understanding.

Here, children can opt for the English course along with the other subjects. This course is spread over all the grades in our school and advances along the following areas.

  • Reading, Writing, Understanding, Speaking the English Language.
  • Understanding the basics.
  • Grammar and parts of speech.
  • Phonemic awareness.
  • Phonics.
  • Vocabulary development.
  • Reading fluency, including oral reading skills.
  • Reading comprehension strategies.
  • Fluency.This course is currently set as FREE. So go ahead, make AukSunLMS, Your Homeschool!However, if you wish to contribute to teaching children, you may send any money:

  • English Speaking
    • ESP041. English Grammar – Prepositions to say where you live_ AT, ON, IN
    • ESP042. Conversation Skills – Giving your opinion
    • ESP043. Learn English – What do you do for fun_



Hello, I am Sarah Scott (Sarah.scott.gr8@auksun.com ). I am a virtual Grade 8’s Class Teacher. I teach Computers. I'm a bit of a "nutter" - which makes learning from me very very exciting! I wish to only teach you REAL and VIRTUAL LIFE, things that are useful, and that we use TODAY - no outdated old school textbooks. You need to know how to survive in this fast-talking, hustle of a Computerised world! I am experienced in developing curriculum as well as conducting e-teach training and parenting programs. I like to introduce concepts into the curriculum related to life and IT skills. I enjoy teaching online and that encourages creative expression. My ambition of wanting to become an e-teacher originates from my own educational experience. Being brought up in both Japan and Sweden: private school in Japan, public and ballet school in Sweden, followed by online education from Japan, I experienced new places, cultures and learning opportunities wherever my family moved. “learning and evaluation situations can take place just about anywhere, we just need to seize the moment.”

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